A carefully-fitted and well-designed pair of dentures mimics the look of natural teeth in such a way that no one will be able to tell you are even wearing dentures. At The Lakes Denture Clinic, we strive to provide beautiful dentures that make our patients feel confident smiling and showing their teeth. Our dentures are carefully designed to ensure that the patient can eat and speak as usual. Simply put, patients at our denture clinic can expect nothing short of the highest quality dentures available.

Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Repaired or Adjusted

Even the highest quality dentures are not indestructible. Dentures are typically quite fragile and can chip or break easily if you accidentally drop them. Even if you avoid mishaps such as these, general wear and tear—and simply the passing of time—can have a noticeable impact on the state of your dentures. Eventually, you will need to call our clinic for denture adjustments or denture repairs.

Here are a few signs to look for that indicate a need for repairs or adjustments.

  • Cracks, chips, or other visible signs of damage: If your dentures have broken or missing teeth, or if you notice cracks or chips in the prosthetic, you should call for denture repairs ASAP. At best, these issues can impair the fit of the denture. At worst, breaks or chips can leave behind sharp edges, posing a risk of your dentures cutting into your gums or tongue. Having the dentures repaired will restore a closer, safer fit.
  • Rubbing or other movement of your dentures: Early on, your dentures should fit perfectly, suctioning to your gums and staying in place without issue. Over time, you might find your dentures are moving around in your mouth or rubbing uncomfortably against your gums. A mix of wear and tear to the dentures and changes in the shape of your gums and facial structure tends to cause these fit issues in all patients after about two years. Even if you experience issues with fit before the 2-year mark, simple denture adjustments can fix the problem and restore the comfortable and secure fit of your dentures.
  • Problems with function: Dentures that fit perfectly should allow you to smile, speak, and eat just as you would with your natural teeth. If you notice that your dentures are making it difficult to chew or are interfering with your normal speech patterns, you should consult your denture clinic to find a solution.

Call Our Denture Clinic for an Appointment Today

Denture relines, adjustments, and repairs are standard parts of the equation for all denture wearers. Knowing the difference between an ideal fit and a loose fit and remembering to keep an eye out for chips or cracks will help you recognise when it is time to call your denture clinic for a service.

At The Lakes Denture Clinic, we are always happy to consult with our patients on denture fit to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. To start a conversation with our team, contact us today.